Landscape Is Liquid is the 8th ANGELTHEORY studio album.  Travelling through sonic landscapes and atmospheres all underpinned with club beats. This album is a forward-moving journey. Like being on a train and staring at the tracks -hypnotic

ANGELTHEORY is a project very dear to me and has been a part of my life for 17 years. With fans worldwide I have been blessed with people supporting my work from day one. I have also been gathering new fans with each additional release, which is an amazing bonus.

I have managed to self-fund and release the past 5 albums. However, this time around funds are tight and I need some help to get this album over the finish line.

My fans have shown me through sales, they still value the CD artifact.  I did consider just doing a digital-only release as that would reduce costs dramatically, however, I thought it would be unfair to them. After all, being a CD collector myself, I understand the value.

Funds raised will cover the costs of CD manufacturing.  Please note the image presented here is not the album cover, but just a project representation.

Thank you ALL … and hit the link here to the Kickstarter page.