ANGELTHEORY is Australian Musician Charles Fenech. ANGELTHEORY’s sound possesses a blend of rapturous otherworldly dark electro soundscapes interspersed with themes of isolation, self reflection and observations about life in the digital age.


I have had to take a deliberate break from ANGELTHEORY for a few years. While it is a project I love writing for, I found myself limited by it, as I felt there was much more music to make outside of that project. (see A One Room World).

In July of 2021, I began writing some new material, and it became apparent that I was producing some new ANGELTHEORY material. Not wanting to fall into the typical 4 on the floor tracks, I made a deliberate attempt to produce more complex drum and bass parts. After all you can have a great groove, that clocks in just over 100BPM and for it still to make you move.

The “goings on” from 2021-2022 influenced the tone a great deal of the new material, as I struggled a lot with what was going on around me.  Like everyone else, worlds were turned upside down, and a lot of plans where placed on hold. So writing songs was the best way I knew how deal with it.

A year later, I had all the material I needed for a new album, and so began the task of making everything cohesive sonically. This is the part I enjoyed most of all. In fact, I really had to say to myself, “OK STOP, release this album!”

“EXIT” will be having its release in August 2023.





The beginning of 2019 saw the release of “BTR2”, a collection of unreleased and limited released tracks spanning the 16-year history of ANGELTHEORY. Many of the tracks were leftovers from previously released albums, while 3 new tracks were written specifically for this release.



The 8th studio album, “Landscape Is Liquid”, was released late 2019.
The album is an exploration of progressive beat-driven landscapes.
Blending, weaving from one sonic environment to the next, evolving from one scene to the next.
Surrounded by nature, and the open sky.

Oct 2018 saw the release of ANGELTHEORY’s 6th studio album, “Last Man Alive / Empty Worlds”. Writing for the double album which features a collection of ambient soundscapes began in January of 2016. Inspired by the 1985 New Zealand film ” The Quiet Earth”, the concept follows the story and thoughts of the last man alive.
2016 - 2017

“Beneath the Ruins” A retrospective 2003 – 2015 was released. Showcasing highlights from the first 12 years it also features the reworking of tracks from the first 2 albums. “Transmission” was re-recorded as Charles felt the original release wasn’t true to his vision for the track. This release also contains a cover of “Soft Cell’s” Memorabillia.

Charles is currently working on the next ANGELETHEORY release.

2011 - 2015

After the success of the 2010 US Tour Charles decided to start work on his next release.

2014 saw the release of “Encrypted Relics” a release which tied the sonics of the first 3 releases into one complete album. Acclaimed by fans as ANGELTHEORY’s strongest release to date, it gave listeners cleaner and more club sound with the return of the project’s now signature sound of atmospheres and strings.

2015 saw the release of ANGELTHEORY’s 5th album, “Pyschonaut”. Taking the sound to darker place of urgency, the single release of “Worlds Collide” showed far more complex arrangements and a bigger sound. Layering pads produced moody atmospheres along with driving club beats. “Psychonaut” is considered the quintessential ANGELTHEORY sound.

2006 - 2010

With the closing of GUP records in 2006 Charles found himself without a label, but still with a small but loyal following.

2007 he found himself with residencies Djing at clubs and pubs.
This greatly influenced his next output “The Death Of Angels” in 2010 with the lead single “Memories Of You”

The album showed a new direction for ANGELTHEORY leaving behind the soaring strings and replacing them with kinetic beats and percussion, leaving vocals the centre piece of each track. With a 5 years gap in between relesaes, Charles was uncertain anyone would recall ANGELTHEORY. So without a label he started “NoHorizon Recordings” his own label. Sending a copy of his new album to Tom Shear of Assemblage 23, Tom responded by inviting him on a 30 date tour of the US as his opening act.

2003 - 2005

April 2003 saw the release of the “Transmission EP” . Containing remixes by “Lemonsol”, “Stark and Joachim of “Covenant”. The Ep was also noted for it’s cover of the Bowie classic “Fashion”.

2004 saw the release of the debut album “Fatal Condition”. A brief tour in Europe playing festivals helped push the album into the German DAC Top 10 for a month. Returning back to Melbourne, he started writing for his next release.

2005 “Black and Blue” EP was released showing ANGELTHEORY in a darker light,. The change to darker direction gave his second album “re-possession”, a much bigger sound. Accompanied by far more aggressive beats and distorted vocals it explored topics of anger, loss and longing. “I feel Disease” and “Breathe” sonically showcased these themes. Once again he toured shows in Europe, and for the first time in the U.S.A. Doing 4 shows on the east coast of the US along with Assemblage 23 and Terrofakt, exposing ANGELTHEORY to a new audience.

2000 - 2002

After the a couple years Charles abandoned “Finland Station” and formed “ANGELTHEORY”. Now listening to bands like “Front Line Assembly” , “Nitzer Ebb” and “Front 242” ANGELTHEORY was going to be the outlet for his darker workings. In 2002 he sent out demos to record labels in a hope to gain some attention. A few weeks later he was signed to GUP Records located in Melbourne on the strength of a 6 track demo, which contained “Transmission”.


Through the first part of the 90’s Charles went back to crafting his skill at song writing. Two chance happenings changed the direction of the music he was composing; Hearing “Die Krupps” – Metal Machine Music and the album “Terrorvision” – by Manufacture. These proved to become strong influences many years later.

In 1996 answering an ad in a music newspaper, he joined “Solar”. A four piece, consisting of vocals guitar bass and a drum machine, with himself completing the line up on keyboards. The band wrote songs filled with atmosphere and brooding. And it was here he first started using pads and strings extensively. Contributing songs and ideas along with lead singer Julian Smith, they managed to create a lot of material in a short space of time. After 2 years “Solar” disbanded, leaving Charles once again a solo performer.

Deciding that it maybe time to go solo, he formed “Finland Station”, and electronic instrumental project. Dabbling in ambient electronica, and Kraftwerk inspired rhythms, he got a residency performing at one of Melbourne first internet cafes. Setting his make shift studio on the bar he played long instrumental pieces which were to blend into the atmosphere of the cafe.


Charles began writing and recording in 1985. Using a 4 track, drum machine and keyboards he composed experimental electronic pieces before progressing to writing songs. After some time, he considered playing in a band. Playing keyboards he helped form “India rail” which consisted of a traditional line up of drums, guitar, bass and vocalist. After 3 years he left as his musical taste had changed vastly from the band he helped to put together.